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Patagonia 2012
Written by Tonya Clement   
Saturday, 14 January 2012 00:00

Everyone always said that getting to Patagonia was half the adventure.  Well they all proved to be correct.  We flew from Denver to Dallas today and had just enough time to see the 49ers beat the New Orleans Saints and then to the first half of the Broncos get spanked by the NE Patriots.  It was a slaughter!

Our arrival into Santiago out of Dallas was just late enough to ensure that we would not get through customs in time to make our connection to Balmaceda airport.  Always make sure you first get in the line to buy your VISA (now $140 dollars but good for the life of your passport) before getting into the customs line.  Lesson learned!

The next lesson came fast and do not want to be in the Santiago airport EVER on a Sunday.  This is the day the cruise ships embark and it is complete chaos.  Our other two teammates ended up also missing their connection from Santiago to Balmaceda so over the course of the day we found one another and spent the evening in Santiago with boarding passes for the next day on the morning flight out.  

The Hilton Garden Hotel near the Santiago airport is quite nice.  It is a good thing it is close as Lesson #3 is the reminder to always check your boarding pass.  Upon arrival to our hotel, I looked at my ticket only to see that I was not on the flight leaving tomorrow.  So now it is back to the airport to stand in the line to get the new boarding pass.  Did I mention that the American Airlines customer service window is only open a few minutes each hour.  It seems there is always a sign stating the agent will be back in a moment.  Must be siesta time.

Well the evening was salvaged with a great bottle of Chilean Malbec and good fish.