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Day 4 in Patagonia
Written by Tonya Clement   
Wednesday, 18 January 2012 00:00

Today we took a casual hike to the Tony Rohrer refugio.  The horses went ahead of us and dropped our bags just outside the hut.  It took us approximately three hours to get there.  It was a bit of a challenge as the flies swarmed us the entire way....these were big flies and it took everything we had to stay composed.  

We were each quite impressed that the three horses carrying our gear could navigate the trail.  At times there were fallend trees and sheer drop offs.  The moments of wishing I were riding one of the horses quickly faded.  

When we arrived to the hut a team had just come down from a successful summit.  They told us the conditions were good on the mountain.  They did it in two days in just neck breaking speed stating they only had one camp on the mountain.  Seems near impossible when we are thinking of having 4 camps.  They had all of there stuff spread out in the yard letting it dry and just relaxing.  They intended to hike out this evening on top of their bid descent.

Shortly after getting settled, two Argentinian gals returned from their day hike and fired up the stove for making yerba matte.  They are very nice and offered us some of their hot water and the pizza they were making.  

A little earlier we walked down to the river and Crook and I laughed while Brad and Topper attempted to get in the very cold water.  There was a little trough that diverted the water so that it was easy to fill pots and water bottles.  Pretty much spent the day sorting our gear and relaxing.  Brad served up a mighty mean gnochhi with pesto, avocados and red Chilean wine.  We dined in style.  


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