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Day 5 in Patagonia
Written by Tonya Clement   
Thursday, 19 January 2012 00:00


We got up around 7:00 am.  The girls in the refugio had stayed up most the night reading by their headlamps.  The Chilean climbers had fallen asleep in the room we had stored all of our gear.  We had a casual breakfast ourside of eggs, avocados and grapefruit.  In hindsight the camps were further apart than we ever imagined so an earlier start might have been more advantageous as we did a lot of hiking in the heat.  It was very hot.  None-the-less we had nothing but time on our hands and plenty of it.  We were in no hurry to get to any one place.  

Our hike began in the woods but quickly we popped out in the opend and hiked a long ways right along the creek until time to cross it.  The creek was now a river it was raging.  Brad came back to get my pack and Crook lent a hand.  We all made it across without falling in and soaking our gear.  

After a lot of boulders we hit the morraine which was loose scree.  It was a very long up of daunting scree until we hit a rock band that required a fair bit of scrambling.  The cairns were sparse and hard to find.  In time we came to a lake (a big bowl).  The next pass looked forever away yet we saw the canadian team on their return down from this pass.  They had stashed loads at a camp near the pass.  We were so tired at the point and beat up from the flies and the heat that we decided to stay put.  We had a nice flat spot of our tents and flowing water just 500 ft. away.  We felt this was the best camp.  Prior teams had built a wall of rocks to break the wind.  

We sat our two tents very close together.  It was so hot we could not escape the sun.  We found no relief inside or outside of the tents so we just toughed it out.  Brad took our focus off the heat by preparing us another great meal .  This time we had spanish rice with tuna and went to sleep early.  The night was very still....there was NO wind.