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Day 7 in Patagonia
Written by Tonya Clement   
Saturday, 21 January 2012 00:00

Well today is day three on the mountain.  We are in no hurry as we still have all the time in the world.  We think Camp two is just around the corner but it ends up being further than we thought.  We go completely around the arm of the mountain and add a steady up.....and we come to what appears to be a false camp two....we are certain we are not there yet so we continue on. It is a good thing we had oatmeal for breakfast.

We get to what we believe to be the perfect flat spot for camp two.  Brad walks the perimeter and sets up wands to prevent us from straying too far as we are surrounded by crevasses.  Just up the way towards the mountain there is an excellent flow of water that we know is upstream from most potty breaks.  We set up our tents, again just taking our time.  We stamp out a good base and then again place the tents side by side.  It really is a great camp.  We can look up and see the big wall that we will be scaling in the dark. I cannot imagine how we will navigate this with only headlamps.  There appears to be a lot of dead ends.  None-the-less it looks doable.  

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We have a wonderful relaxing afternoon and then suddenly the 11 Canadians descend upon our camp......and they set up right beside us not 15 yards away....we are resting and sleeping and they are so loud.  We could not believe it. The size of the area was very large and yet they parked right beside us.  They turned out to be very nice so it was not at all an issue and in some ways, it would be rude to go above us and yet awkward for them to go below in hindsight it was likely a good judgment call.  

Brad prepared us our best meal yet.....and went over the instructions for the next day.  Our decision was to go to bed very early as we would be getting our wake up call around 2:00 am with a 3:00 am departure. Brad reminded us what to pack and to absolutely not forget our sunglasses which is easy to do when you are leaving in the middle of the night. We were glad that getting to this camp was such a short day as we did not show up totally wasted.  We could really just slowly ease into an good nights rest.  

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