Everest Lasting Love Story

Boy from Missouri, meets girl from Oklahoma on the highest mountain in the world!  Tonya was chosen to be the only female on an international team of eight climbers headed to Mountain Everest in the spring of 2006.  She was representing the United States.  Brad was hired to film the expedition as it was earmarked to be a landmark climb that would make history.  The goal was to place an Israeli and a Palestinian in close quarters and prove that people can put aside their differences and come to together for a common goal.

Brad and Tonya’s paths had never crossed prior to this climb.  As they each signed on to the expedition, neither one had any idea they would be participating in a story book fairy tale that would turn to a love story.  Follow their path up the mountain and see how their story unfolded as they fell in love in what can be deemed some of the most inhospitable conditions on earth.

About Us

Brad Clement
Brad is a mountain guide, photographer and filmmaker specializing in high altitude outdoor adventure.  For the past 20 years he has led teams to the greater mountain ranges of the world and captured life changing stories.  Brad is one of a rare few to have climbed Mt. Everest from both the North and South sides.  His film production includes features for broadcast networks and clients such as PBS, NBC, CNN, Discovery Channel, Google, AT&T and more. When not filming, guiding, and speaking; Brad dedicates his time to endangered species conservation in the high Himalaya.

Tonya Clement
Tonya is a general manager for a small technology firm that designs software supporting law enforcement agencies (federal, military and state). For the past 20 years she has participated in expeditions on major peaks around the globe including Kenya, Makalu, Annapurna, Everest and Mawenzi.  Tonya is the 9th US woman to climb Mt. Everest from the North Ridge and the first woman to successfully climb the five highest peaks of Africa.


Invite Tonya and Brad to speak at your organization’s next event for a unique, refreshing, and insightful presentation.  Through their amazing stories, lessons, and experiences from the world’s highest peaks – complete with dramatic photos and video – they will inspire your leadership team, sales group, and workforce to reach for the loftiest goals with both preparation and plans.